History Of School

Little Flower Children School, Ghosi is one of the fifth branch under the chain of "Little Flower Group of School" was established in the year 2018 from Nursery to VIII [ To be upgraded to Std. XII } aiming to provide quality education to the rural children. The institute is run under the V.S.Y Trust and it is situated at suitable location of Bangawan, Ghosi, Mau. It has developed its own culture characterized by its simplicity, humanity and versatility approach and peaceful interpersonal relationship. The surrounding of the institute is ideal for academics with lush green area of about five acres.
The institute works hard to provide a holistic education in welcoming learning environment. We are committed to excellence in academic that encourage students to do well within and outside the classroom setting to become self-motivated, lifelong learners. Through insistence on quality education, physical well-being mental and spiritual development of our students.
We encourage students to become the best versions of them and in turn to be well-round global citizens. Little Flower Children School offers a stimulating environment for academic work.  
Our prime aim is to focus on holistic learning thereby strengthening the inherent skills of the students to emerge as intellectually, emotionally and ethically strong citizens. 
The three storied huge building of the school with its updated and most sophisticated infrastructure provides for a perfect ambience for the growth of the cognitive and psychomotor skills of the students. The school upholds the vision of its management as it stands on a strong foothold of a value system which is ingeniously nurtured among the students thereby bringing about a unique blend of oriental and accidental. The school is well equipped with labs for enhancing practical knowledge and analytical skills of the students in the subjects of science, mathematics and computers etc. 
Little Flower Children School is the best choice for the value based quality education. 

Our Mission

To meet the challenges and opportunities of our interdependent, fast-changing world as responsible citizens young people require flexible intellectual competences ,self-discipline and a global outlook. To achieve these goals, they need rigorous academic preparation and a passions to become the best they can be.
To thrive in and contribute to this world ,they must have a solid sense of respect for our self as well as for other- individuals members of a group, citizens of the nation, and members of the global community.
Extraordinary individuals will be called upon to shape the 21st century. The mission of LFCS is to develop such individuals.

To fulfill this mission ,LFCS commits itself to the following goals:

To sustain and grow the exemplary level of teaching and learning that has earned it a worldwide reputation for excellent standards in international and multilingual education within the frame work of International Curriculum.

To develop each child fully by helping each one to live our core values: the joy of learning and purposeful effort as well as mutual respect and understanding in a diverse setting.

To maintain an optimal size and composition of faculty and students to maximize the opportunities for learning and shared understanding that are necessary for a healthy community.

Our Core Values

We believe that encouraging each students to discover the intrinsic joy of learning and purposeful effort will help each one to set and achieve high academic standards. Further more, we believe it is vital to nurture mutual respect and under standing among all members of our community. Together we cultivate a spirited sense of hope in human potential. We believe the diversity of our community. Together we cultivate a spirited sense of hope in human potential. we believe the diversity of our community provides an extraordinary opportunity to enable our students to communicate ,create and collaborate in order to build a peaceful future.

The Joy of Learning and Purposeful Effort:

We want our students to experience joy in their intellectual,physical,social and emotional development. At LFCS we will create safe, stimulating educational environment, promoting the wonder and curiosity that motivate a student to explore learning in and beyond the classroom throughout life.we believe that achievement derives from sustained, purposeful effort and that our potential is best developed by learning to think critically, debate confidentially and push our limits.

Mutual Respect and Understanding in a Diverse Community:

We believe that every human being is valuable and deserves respect. we  believe that respect springs from understanding and that the best way to understand others is by learning to see the world from others point of view.
we believe cohesive community of students, faculty,staff and parents provides an ideal setting for the development of respect and understanding and helps prepare students to thrive in a diverse, independent world.